Discovery Vision System

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A must for all makers and restorers of musical instruments, certifiers, academics, researchers and auction houses.


Designed and built by experts and makers of electronics with both expertise in vision systems and violin making, DISCOVERY is now the best vision system on the market that combines quality and price, convenience and ease of transport.


DISCOVERY VISION SYSTEM consists of an illuminator and a camera.


The illuminator is a light source independent of the camera.

It has two LED light sources with different cable structure: a rigid and one flexible.

The light source drive cable allows you to accurately reach every point within the instrument.

The source of light with flexible cable is inserted firmly in the low "f" hole, allowing hands-free work.

The light itself is also useful for other interventions within the instruments: for example to adapt the sound-post.

The illuminator can be powered by 9V PP3 battery or external power from a 5Vdc or from the USB port of your computer.


The camera consists of a semi-rigid probe with integrated electronics.

Is inserted through the "f" holes of the violin even more narrow and allows the internal vision of the instrument.

The focus is manual, with excellent depth of field.

The sensor has high sensitivity and VGA resolution which allows a clear and defined with respect for the color.

The system easily connects to your computer via USB cable and manageable through a simple software that comes with where you can make movies and take pictures of the interior of the instrument you want to analyze.


Useful to study the interior of the instruments to understand and know the construction method, materials used, check for repairs, breaks or necklines, signatures and stamps and to make more precise estimation of restoration works.


There are two types of cameras:

DISCOVERY-CAM007         violin/viola

DISCOVERY-CAM027         cello/guitar


   Made in Italy


   Designer:     Andrea Michetti - Microtex

   Supplier:     Alessandro Tossani - Cremona Tools


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